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Quick Drying Stone Mat in Cloud

Quick Drying Stone Mat in Cloud

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Product Description 

Introducing our Quick Drying Stone Mat, the epitome of luxury and spa-like indulgence in your home.

Rapid Dry Technology:
Experience the ultimate in quick drying with our mat, preventing odors and maintaining a spotless space. Upgrade your daily routine with a touch of luxury – try our Quick Drying Stone Mat today!

Luxury and Spa-Like Feel:
Transform your home into a sanctuary with our Stone Mat, featuring a cool, luxurious touch and natural stone aesthetics.

Multipurpose Convenience:
This mat serves multiple purposes: a spa-like bathroom retreat, a practical dish-drying surface in the kitchen, and a hygienic pet bowl base.

Mold and Bacteria Resistance:
Harnessing the power of Diatomaceous Earth, our mat actively fights mold and bacteria for a healthier home environment.


How to use

1. open box. 2. rinse mat with hot water to remove factory dust. 3. Place Slip-proof mat in front of bath or shower 4. After mat is dry, place on top of slip-proof mat 




Can be folded and cut to size 


How to clean

(NEVER WASH WITH SOAP): 1. Use hot water to wash down the mat, and let it dry by leaning it against the wall. (optional) For spaces use a clean tooth brush and water to brush away dust. (optional) Can also put it in the sun for 20 min to disinfect. 

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